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We Manage The Entire Cabinet Painting Process

Painting is a cost effective way to dramatically improve the appearance of your Northern Virginia kitchen. Repainting your cabinets with the right color can make your kitchen come to life. And, if you’re not yet absolutely certain which color is best for your kitchen, we can help with that. Our color consultants will help you make that decision.

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The Right Stuff

If done right, repainted kitchen cabinets will maintain their appearance for many years to come. Unfortunately many cabinet painting contractors take short cuts that affect both the appearance and life of the cabinet paint job. For example, latex paint belongs on walls, but not on your cabinets! Latex paint is rubber based and won’t don’t adhere well to the cabinet’s original lacquered surface. Using inferior products like latex paint will often lead to chipping and peeling in the first year or two. And, you will lose the high quality look and feel of properly repainted cabinets. At Color Hands Services painting contractors, we don’t take shortcuts. We paint for longevity.

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We Recommend A Semi-Gloss Finish

We usually apply semi-gloss paint because it allows for easy removal of food stains and splatters while providing a professional finish. But before any paint is applied, our cabinet painters will remove any grit from the cabinet surfaces to ensure that the paint will adhere properly and the end result is as good as new.

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What makes Color Hands Services the Premier Northern Virginia Cabinet Painters?

First, we repair any cabinet damage nicks, scratches, and chips with caulk to create a uniform, professional surface for the paint.

Then we lightly sand all cabinet surfaces

To ensure a long-lasting finish, we apply a high adhesion primer

We finish the cabinets with a second primer layer.

We add a special hardener to the cabinet grade paint which provides additional long-lasting protection.

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We Take Our Time And It Shows

We utilize a self-leveling paint conditioner which results in an exceptionally smooth end result without brush strokes being evident.

We typically use a sprayer to apply two coats of paint to all the drawers and doors. And, we hand paint all cabinet frames which enables us to pay close attention to detail.

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At Color Hands Services, we offer you the highest skilled team of cabinet painters. With over 10 years of experience, you can rest assured that you will get the highest quality result with minimal disruption to your lives.

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We combine our industry knowledge of cabinet painting in Northern Virginia, the highest quality building supplies and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service to all of our clients -- regardless of project size. We will stay in constant touch, keeping you current on both the paperwork and the renovation progress.

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